What is the “Blue Screen of Death?”

From time to time you will get some kind of error message or warning on your computer and in most cases it’s a warning sign that something bad is happening or about to happen to your computer.

There’s no need to panic about these messages because more often than not it will be an indicator that you need to take some form of action to prevent possible harm to your computer – except for the dreaded “blue screen of death” message.

Very few computer problems have reached pop culture icon status like the infamous “Blue Screen of Death.” Chances are, you’ve heard the phrase tossed around quite a bit, yourself. But, do you actually know what it really means to experience the BSOD? Is the occurrence as frightening as the term suggests? And just what, exactly, is the Blue Screen of Death?

Blue Screen of Death
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Error Message. The BSOD is actually an error message, named after the color of the screen when the message is displayed.

What’s so scary about this error message? Basically, the nature of the error, itself, is what brings about what seems like images of “death.” When you get this particular error message, you are actually being notified of a fatal, or critical, error – generally irreversible in nature and linked to an impending, unavoidable computer crash.

What Causes the Blue Screen of Death?

The types of errors that lead to the BSOD are stop errors, meaning they are related to the computer’s driver or hardware and the computer must stop responding in order to protect your data (stored in the computer’s hardware) from being destroyed. Common hardware problems that might lead to the Blue Screen of Death include overheating, faulty RAM (Random Access Memory), failing power supplies, or hardware components that are running beyond their specifications. Driver (software) errors are generally due to things like, missing device drivers, flawed device driver programming and/or DLL incompatibility.

Does Your Computer Really “die” When You See The Blue Screen?

As bad as the term “Blue Screen of Death” sounds, it’s really not a death sentence. Sure, you might lose any work that you haven’t saved, but that doesn’t mean your computer cannot be fully recovered and up and running in no time. It’s really just a matter of fixing whatever problem caused the error screen in the first place, and a qualified computer repair support agent or IT expert should be able to help you resolve the issue and get back to using your computer again.

As much we would like for these things not to happen, with computers, there are no guarantees for full-proof prevention against it.

Luckily for you, there are competent and experienced computer support technicians that are readily available to help you solve issues like these at affordable prices.

If you are located in the Danbury area, you may bring your computer to us for FREE diagnostic test where our expert computer repair technicians will advise you on what needs fixing and what it will cost you before we do any work on computer.

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