Troubleshooting Why You Cannot Log On to the Internet

With the rise of social networking and social media activity and among other things, many people use their computers for accessing the Internet. From time to time some simple and unexpected changes made to your computers network settings can interfere with it’s ability to connect to the internet. Sometimes you may even think there’s a problem with your internet service, but before you contact your internet or cable company, make sure that the problem is not on your end that’s causing the problem. Therefore, when you have trouble gaining access to the internet that we have come to rely on so heavily these days, it can be a real problem.

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Feeling Like This About Your Internet Connection?

Are you having issues with logging on or connecting to the Internet? Here are some troubleshooting guidelines for you to keep in mind or try:

Network Troubleshooter. If you are running Windows, then the simplest starting point you can try is to right-click on the Network icon in your taskbar, and then select “Troubleshoot problems.” Oftentimes, this handy program can get to the bottom of the issue for you, and even fix it altogether.

Obvious Problems. Sometimes, the most obvious thing is also the most overlooked. Your Internet connection problem could be as simple as an unplugged modem or router, or a disabled Wi-Fi adapter. Also, make sure that your issue really is with accessing the Internet, as opposed to bringing up a single site that may just be down. Rule out the obvious before moving on to more complex troubleshooting methods.

Your Firewall Program(s). If you are running third-party firewall or antivirus software in addition to your computer’s “built-in” program, then the two applications could be at odds with each other, resulting in some major problems when it comes to accessing and surfing the web. Disable your firewalls to determine whether or not they are the problem. If they are, then contact the program manufacturer’s technical support department to resolve the issue.

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Interenet Connection Down? We can help!

Network Configuration. Verify that your logon information is compatible with your network’s configuration. Things like security type (WPA or WEP encryption, for example), passphrase, and Wi-Fi channel can be changed by an administrator, so it may just be that the network configuration information you have is outdated. 

Access Point. Your Internet access point (your modem or router – depending on whether or not you are wireless) may be malfunctioning. To troubleshoot this issue, try disconnecting the power source of your access point, waiting 15 seconds, and then reconnecting to reset the device. This is often referred to as a power cycle.

Yes, you and I both know that we rely on access to the internet a great deal but sometimes simple things can happen to disrupt that. But when that happens and if you still can’t gain access after trying the methods outlines above, then it’s time contact a computer networking expert to assist in getting to a resolution. And fortunately for you, we have helped several other local Danbury area residents resolve this issue and we can do the same for you.

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