5 Reasons that Cause Your Computer to Run Slow

At any given time and more often than not, your computer seems to perform or respond more slowly than when you first bought it. This is not necessarily something that calls for huge concern because this happens and there are numerous ways to prevent or fix this common issue.

Is your computer not performing at its best, or running up to speed?  If so, there are some things you can to do troubleshoot this common problem, and they all begin with identifying the root of the problem.

Here are five reasons that cause your computer to run slow:

Program overload. Your computer is running a number of programs at any given time.  Some of these programs launch at startup and run behind the scenes without you even being aware of it. Every program that your computer is running takes up valuable space and memory, and can slow your computer down. Check to see that you are only running programs that are important to you, and disable the rest.

Computer Running Slow
Computer Running Slow? We Fix That!

Adware and spyware. This is all too common, and can have a very negative impact on your computer’s performance.  If you suspect your computer is armed with these programs that are built for spying on your activity for the benefit of other’s then you should consult with a computer repair technician for prompt removal.

Operating system issues. There are a number of reasons for why your operating system might suffer some dents and dings here and there (not updating regularly is a common culprit). Damages to your operating system can really slow it down.  Fortunately, they are also relatively easy to fix, if you have some basic computer knowledge.

Limited memory. This is a very common problem, and one that is easily solved . . . as long as you are willing to pull out your pocketbook. Increasing your computer’s memory is a sure-fire way to increase its processing speed, and sometimes (if you must run a lot of programs, for example) you just can’t get around it.

Viruses. If you’ve checked all of the common culprits and taken all the practical measures to increase your computer’s speed and it is still running at a rate that is slow beyond reason, it may just be that a virus is to blame. Your best bet in this situation is to get your computer over to a professional computer expert ASAP.

Considering all of the roles computers must fill in our lives today, it is easy to see how disruptive it can be to have computer problems. What’s more is that you should only entrust the important task of handling computer issues to someone competent and trustworthy enough to get the job done – and get it done right.

If you are facing the difficult task of finding a reputable technician for your computer repair job, then you can set your mind at ease by contacting our experienced and reliable professionals at Danbury Computer Experts.

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